Anne Stokes Dragons Of The Sabbats by Anne Stokes, Heat...
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Dragons Of The Sabbats by Anne Stokes Pour a hot beverage inside this unique mug and watch as the halo of Sabbat symbols is slowly illuminated behind a serpent-like dragon. The symbols illustrate the Pagan Wheel of the Year, which represents the annual cycle of seasonal festivals. All Sabbat Symbols Green Dragon: Mabon:The symbol of the Autumn Equinox, Mabon, sits atop the wheel and marks the second of the Pagan harvest festivals. The yellow and green dragons symbolise the colour of corn harvested on a massive scale during the second Pagan harvest. Blue Dragon: Yule:The traditional symbol for the Winter Solstice, Yule, sits above the dragon's horns, resembling razor-sharp icicles. Shards of ice spread from the dragon's icy breath above the snowflake pattern incorporated into its scales.  Samhain:Sitting above the dragon's horns lies the symbol of Samhain, marking the festival 'Hallows Eve, which is the final harvest of the year and a time for feasts where the souls of deceased kin were beckoned to attend a place set at the table for them. Orange Dragon: Beltane:The symbol of Beltane sits at the top of the wheel and marks the Gaelic May Day festival. Special bonfires are lit, and it is said that the flames, smoke and ashes have protective powers. Red Dragon: Lammas:The symbol of Lammas, representing the first grain harvests, sits atop the wheel and marks the festival known as 'Lughnassad', which inspired great gatherings in Pagan culture. Light Orange Dragon: Litha:Litha marks the Summer Solstice - the year's longest day and shortest night. As the light reaches its peak and begins to fade, the oriental-style dragon clutching a ball of fire illustrates this beautifully. Light Green Dragon: Ostara:The symbol of Ostara - representing the Spring Equinox - sits atop the wheel. This marks a time of new beginnings and is symbolised by the iridescent serpent-like dragon coiled tightly around its egg.  Yellow Dragon: Imbolc:Above the dragon's wings lies the symbol of Imbolc, marking the halfway point between the Winter Equinox and the Spring Equinox. The light yellow dragon illustrates the return of light in the world as Spring approaches and days begin to lengthen. Other information Exclusive Colour-changing design by Anne Stokes 500ml capacity Hand wash only Do not microwave
Anne Stokes Anne Stokes Dragons of the Sabbats Set of...
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Dragons of the Sabbats set of 8 coasters are perfect for entertaining, bringing colour and striking artwork to the table. Each coaster features a dragon from the Anne Stokes 'Dragons of the Sabbats' series. Made from MDF with a high colour print finish. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dimensions: H6cm x W10.5cm x D10.5cm.

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