escential Living Wax Melter, Oil Burner with Text Cut-Out Home...
£7.99 £14.99
This Charming White Lustre Ceramic Oil Burner / Wax Melter Has Cut Out Home Text With Small Cut Out Hearts Above. Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 11cm Material: Ceramic. Packaging: Matching Box. 
escential Living Friends Wax Warmer, Cut-out Friends and Hearts Gifts...
This Charming Pink Lustre Ceramic Oil Burner / Wax Melter Has Cut Out Friends Text With Small Cut Out Hearts Above. Dimenstions: 13 x 11 x 11cm Material: Ceramic. Packing: Matching Box.
escential Living Stylish Duo Wax Melt Melter, Oil Burner in...
£7.99 £14.99
The Stylish and Elegance DUO Ceramic Burner Features TWO BOWLS, Allowing you to Create Double the Scent Throw or Even Use Two Fragrances Simultaneously.  These handy little burners melt your fragranced wax using a tealight to create a wonderful fragrance throughout your home.  They also look very pretty, casting a lovely ambience into your room. Approximately 10.5cm (H) x 16.5cm (W) x 8cm (D) Packing: Matching Coloured Box. Colour:  Pink
escential Living Pink Elephant Oil Burner with Matching Gift Box
£9.99 £16.99
The Impressive Light Pink Elephant Ceramic Burner from eScential Living is a must for your home Deco. Ideal for burning fragrance and aroma oils.   Approximately: 13cm (H) x 9.5cm (W) x 20cm (L) Packaging: Individually Boxed. Colour: Pink Find Oils and Aroma Oil here.
escential Living Deep Dish Wax Melt Warmer, Oil Burner with...
£8.99 £14.99
An Adorable Ceramic Wax Melter / Oil Burner with Deep Dish with a Star Cutout Design. And Best of all, it Features The Cutest Little Ceramic Tealight Spoon!   Approximately 11.5cm (H) x 9cm (W) x 9cm. Packaging: Boxed. Including Tealight Spoon.
escential Living Deep Dish Wax Melt Warmer, Oil Burner with...
£7.99 £12.99
Classy Ceramic Wax Melter with Lots of Cute Little Heart Cutouts, Deep Dish For Wax and Oils, and High Gloss Finish.14cm Tall, With Lots Of Adorable Little Cutout Heart, The Light From Inside Shines Through Beautifully, Framed By The Glossy Exterior The Deep Bowl Allows For Higher Volumes of Wax to be Used, Creating a Longer Lasting Fragrance Throw!
Spirit of equinox Black Skull Ceramic Oil Burner, Wax Melt Dark...
£9.99 £10.99
A spooky take on an oil burner will delight lovers of the strange and unusual. This ceramic skull oil burner features a matt black finish and is compatible with fragrance oils and wax melts. Perfect for Halloween! Dimensions: H:10cm X W:13cm X D:10cm Material: Ceramic. Colour: Matt Black Packaging: Photo Box
Spirit of equinox Pumpkin Orange Jack-O-Lantern Oil Burner - Wax Melt...
£12.99 £14.99
Set the mood this Halloween season with a smiling ceramic Jack-O'-Lantern oil burner and wax warmer. Place a lit tealight inside and add an autumnal fragrance oil or wax melt under the lid. It pairs perfectly with our bestselling range of gothic soy wax melts and pumpkin spice scents. Material:  Ceramic Dimensions: H10cm x W10.5cm x D10.5cm Packaging:  Coloured Box.  The product does not come with Wax-Melts.
Jones Home & Gifts Bee Design Oil Burner - Wax Melt Warmer...
£7.99 £15.99
A cheerful but straightforward ceramic oil burner and wax warmer with an all-over bee print. Use diluted oils or wax melts and place a tealight inside to fragrance the home.  Material: Ceramic. Dimensions: H:11cm X W:10cm X D:10cm Colour: White with all over bee print.  
Jones Home & Gifts Deep Bowl Red Wax Melt Warmer, Oil Burner
£7.99 £12.99
This beautiful Red Wax Melt Warmer has a simplistic and modern design with a deep bowl. This wax warmer is ideal for melting wax melts and can also be used as an Oil Burner. Material: Ceramic. H12cm X W11.5cm X Bowl Depth: 4.5cm Packaging Coloured Photo Box.
Jones Home & Gifts White Butterfly and Flowers Oil Burner and Wax...
This beautiful butterfly oil burner and wax melt warmer offer a sleek design accented by butterflies and flowers. Place wax melts or fragrance oils to the dish and add a tealight to release calming fragrance into the home. Material: Ceramic Dimensions: H12.5cm x W9.5cm x D9.5cm
Eden Oil Burner With Hanging Flower Decoration
Ceramic Oil Burner With a Speckled Design And Hanging Flower Decoration.  Ideal for warming Oil or Wax Melts.  Choice of 3 designs. Size: 11 x 8cm. Material: Ceramic. Packaging: Coloured Box
Spirit of equinox White Mystical Moon and Stars Cauldron Oil-Wax Melt...
A new take on one of our all-time bestsellers! This white cauldron burner can be used to warm wax melts or diluted fragrance oils to beautifully fragrance your home. This white style features an engraved crescent moon and stars on the side. Material: Ceramic. Colour: White. Packaging: Polyfoam Color Photo Box. Dimensions: H10cm x W13cm x D10.5cm.
Spirit of equinox Constellation Oil Burner, Wax Melt Warmer, Written in...
£12.99 £19.99
This stunning Constellation oil burner and wax warmer feature an all-over celestial design with shining gold moon accents. A star cut-out shape holds a single tealight and creates a magical ambience when paired with wax melts or fragrance oil. Material New Bone China. Colour: Dark Purple. Packaging colour box. Dimensions H11cm x W10cm x D10cm.
Jones Home & Gifts Geometric Cut-out Terracotta Effect Oil Burner - Wax-Melt...
£10.99 £14.99
A detailed geometric pattern is beautifully showcased with a terracotta-effect finish on this contemporary oil burner and wax warmer. Use as an Oil or Wax-Melt Warmer. Material Ceramic. Dimensions: H11cm x W10cm x D10cm.
Spirit of equinox White Star Cut-Out Oil Burner Wax Warmer
£8.99 £12.99
This understated and straightforward oil burner and wax warmers come in a crisp white that suits a wide variety of decor styles. A star cut out makes a sweet added touch that will be loved by many. Compatible with fragrance oils and wax melts. Material: Ceramic Packaging: Colour photo box, polyfoam Dimensions: H11cm x W10cm x D10cm
Jones Home & Gifts White Double Wax & Oil Burner
£10.99 £16.99
This double oil burner and wax warmer makes it easy to customise scents when fragrancing the home with oils or wax melts. Simply place two varying scents on either side of the divided bowl to enjoy a bespoke fragrance made just for you! The understated, off-white colour of this burner makes it perfect for a wide range of home decor styles. Material: Ceramic Packaging: Colour Photo box. Dimensions: H10cm x W14cm x D10.5cm
Sold out
Jones Home & Gifts Red Crackle Glass Wax, Oil Burner
£6.99 £13.99
This Beautiful oil wax melt burner with a Red mirrored crackle effect that will look stunning in any home this season.  Complete with a matching Photo-Box makes this a perfect gift for any Wax Melt Fan. Dimensions: H11cm X W8.5cm X D8.5cm Packaging: Cardboard Photo Box. Material: Glass.
Jones Home & Gifts Red Cosy Wax Melt Burner Gift Set Christmas
£9.99 £19.99
Red Cosy Wax Melt Burner This red ceramic oil burner and wax warmer features cut out 'COSY' text and will be a favourite for fragrancing the home this winter. Includes one heart-shaped eco soy wax melt in a sweet raspberry scent. Compatible with both fragrance oils and wax melts. Includes: 1 x Red Cosy Burner + 1 x Heart Shape Vegan Wax Melt ( Sweet Raspberry) Dimensions: H12cm x W10cm x D11cm Packaging: Coloured Photo Box Gif Box - as shown in photo no 1. Material: Ceramic.
Sold out
£12.99 £19.99
This unique hanging cauldron oil burner and wax warmer is a fun and unique way to fragrance the home. Compatible with both fragrance oils and wax melts. Designed by us and exclusive to our bestselling Black Magic range of gothic gifts. Dimensions: H17cm X W9cm X D9cm. Material: Ceramic. Packaging: Printed Photo Cardboard Gift Box.

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