Jones Home & Gifts Halloween Enamel Mugs - Witches - Pumpkins -...
This enamel-style mug features a fun Halloween print, will pair perfectly with a hot pumpkin spice latte and is ideal for those Autumn evenings around the fire pit. 3 Great Styles to choose from Black Witches Brew Enamel Mug - Drink at your own risk. Orange Enamel Mug, with a Black rime Ghosts, Cauldrons, Skulls, Bats, Moons. White Enamel Mug with an Orange rime,  Pumpkin Spice and everything nice. Other information: Collection: Mugs & Cups Material Enamel Assortments 1 Packaging Swing tag Do not Microwave, or use over flames. Dimensions: H9cm X W12cm X D10cm
Spirit of equinox Broom Parking Only, Witches Hanging Sign
£7.99 £9.99
This magic-inspired design makes a great Halloween decoration or humourous every day sign for anyone that believes they're a bit of a witch! Product Information: Hanging Sign Reading: "Broom Parking Only - All Others Will Be Toad" Material:  MDF Wood. Dimensions: H30cm X W25cm X D1cm.
Spirit of equinox Witches Brew, Morning Potion, Hocus Pocus Mugs with...
£6.99 £9.99
Whether you are a witch before your morning caffeine hit, a witch full time, or simply joining in with the spooky season, there's a mug and spoon set just made for you! Take your pick, which witch are you? Styles to choose from: Basic Witch. White Witch. Witches Brew. Morning Potion. Triple Moon. Hocus Pocus. Material: New Bone China. 500ml capacity. Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe. Dimension: H:10.5cm X W:11.5cm X D:8.5cm Packaging: Coloured Picture Box.
Spirit of equinox Black Witches Cauldron Wax-Melt Warm and Oil Burner
£9.99 £19.99
This oil burner has been inspired by a black cauldron design with cut-out star details. A great gift idea for anyone with an interest in witchcraft or wizardry. This Cauldron can also be used as a wax melt warmer; however, it is advisable to consider the bowl's size and depth when adding wax to ensure it will not overrun the edges when melted. Dimensions: H10cm X W12.5cm X D12.5cm. Material: Ceramic. Packaging: Printed Cardboard Box
Spirit of equinox Herbs For Spells Witches Cauldron Plant Pot -...
from £9.99 £11.99
Herbs For Spells Cauldron Plant Pot is a resin plant pot shaped like a witch's cauldron. Features raised 'Herbs for spells' text accented by a dusting of stars. Perfect for any green witch's garden. Choose from 2 sizes ( Small Pot / Large Pot ) Small pot size: H11cm x W13cm x D13cm Large pot size: H17.5cm x W21cm x D21cm Material: Resin Packaging: Boxed.  
Spirit of equinox Box of 12 Mini Mixed Spell Casting Candles
£3.99 £4.99
A box of 12 mixed spell candles containing these colours; 2x black, 2x white, 1x purple, 1x dark blue, 1x light blue, 1x orange, 1x green, 1x red, 1x yellow and 1x pink candle. These candles are made from paraffin wax. Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting in which the caster decides on a goal, visualizes the end result and focuses intent or will to manifest that result. Typically a caster will write down their intent on a piece of paper the same colour as the candle and burn the paper in a fire-safe bowl. The candle needs to be burned completely for the spell to be completed. All of our spell candles are a solid colour throughout (not dipped). Each candle has an approx burn time of 1 hour. It is made from paraffin wax. Colour may vary slightly between production batches. Dimensions: H:10.3cm W:7.3cm D:2.5cm. per box. Material: Wax. Product Weight: 110g per box.
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Spirit of equinox Pouring Cauldrons Backflow Incense Holder with Light Effect
£21.99 £29.99
Place a backflow incense cone on top of this resin cauldron burner and watch the smoke gently pour between cauldrons. Accented by flames and a distressed silver-effect pentagram design and finished with a light to create an outstanding smoke effect. Powered by 2 AA batteries and an on/off switch. Dimensions H16cm X W13cm X D12cm. Material: Resin. Requires 2x AA Batteries. Extra Information For best effects burn indoors in an area away from any sudden air movements. Please note that after burning it is normal for a light oily residue to appear on the oil burner, for this reason we recommend protecting any furniture it is placed upon suitably. The residue can be easily wiped off the burner with a damp cloth. Please exercise caution when burning incense. Only backflow incense cones should be used with this product – standard incense cones will not create the desired effect. It is normal for cones to take up to 10 minutes after being lit to start creating the smoking/mist effect. We supply a selection of backflow incense cones in a variety of scents.
£12.99 £22.99
This ceramic 'Witches Brew' cauldron teapot is sure to delight guests at tea time. Holds approximately 550ml, equivalent to about 2 cups of tea. Dimensions: H13cm X W18.5cm X D11.5cm. Material: Ceramic. Packaging: Picture Box. Black Magic gothic range. Ideal Gift.
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Spirit of equinox The Magick Broomsticks Lucky Charm Positive Energy Gifts...
£5.99 £8.99
Attract luck and positive energy with this mini magic broomstick. Perfect in size for use on a mini altar, displaying on the kitchen shelf, keeping at a desk, or taking on the go for extra positivity. Features text reads, 'A sweep a day brings luck your way. Use this lucky broom to sweep away negativity and bring love and luck into every room' and a silver tone witch's hat charm. They are presented in a black box perfect for display and gifting.  Material: Wood and Natural Grasses and Metal Hat Charm. Packaging: Black Gift Box. Dimensions: H11cm x W8cm x D3cm.
Anne Stokes Dragons Of The Sabbats by Anne Stokes, Heat...
£12.95 £18.99
Dragons Of The Sabbats by Anne Stokes Pour a hot beverage inside this unique mug and watch as the halo of Sabbat symbols is slowly illuminated behind a serpent-like dragon. The symbols illustrate the Pagan Wheel of the Year, which represents the annual cycle of seasonal festivals. All Sabbat Symbols Green Dragon: Mabon:The symbol of the Autumn Equinox, Mabon, sits atop the wheel and marks the second of the Pagan harvest festivals. The yellow and green dragons symbolise the colour of corn harvested on a massive scale during the second Pagan harvest. Blue Dragon: Yule:The traditional symbol for the Winter Solstice, Yule, sits above the dragon's horns, resembling razor-sharp icicles. Shards of ice spread from the dragon's icy breath above the snowflake pattern incorporated into its scales.  Samhain:Sitting above the dragon's horns lies the symbol of Samhain, marking the festival 'Hallows Eve, which is the final harvest of the year and a time for feasts where the souls of deceased kin were beckoned to attend a place set at the table for them. Orange Dragon: Beltane:The symbol of Beltane sits at the top of the wheel and marks the Gaelic May Day festival. Special bonfires are lit, and it is said that the flames, smoke and ashes have protective powers. Red Dragon: Lammas:The symbol of Lammas, representing the first grain harvests, sits atop the wheel and marks the festival known as 'Lughnassad', which inspired great gatherings in Pagan culture. Light Orange Dragon: Litha:Litha marks the Summer Solstice - the year's longest day and shortest night. As the light reaches its peak and begins to fade, the oriental-style dragon clutching a ball of fire illustrates this beautifully. Light Green Dragon: Ostara:The symbol of Ostara - representing the Spring Equinox - sits atop the wheel. This marks a time of new beginnings and is symbolised by the iridescent serpent-like dragon coiled tightly around its egg.  Yellow Dragon: Imbolc:Above the dragon's wings lies the symbol of Imbolc, marking the halfway point between the Winter Equinox and the Spring Equinox. The light yellow dragon illustrates the return of light in the world as Spring approaches and days begin to lengthen. Other information Exclusive Colour-changing design by Anne Stokes 500ml capacity Hand wash only Do not microwave
Spirit of equinox Black Star Spell Candle Holder
This star-shaped candle holder is perfectly sized for holding a single spell candle whilst it burns during casting.  For use with Magic Spell Candles - Buy them here Material: MDF. Dimensions: H:6cm X W:6cm X D:1.5cm.
Spirit of equinox A Witch Lives Here - With Her Little...
Whether it's for everyday decor or a decoration for Halloween, this hanging witches hat sign has a magical charm to it. The sign reads "A witch lives here with her little monsters" Product Information Hanging Sign Reading: "A witch lives here with her little monsters" Material:  MDF Wood. Wall Hanging String. Dimensions: H36cm X W35cm X D1cm.
This adorable Witch Broth Cauldron Soup Bowl is the perfect companion to our bestselling Witches Cauldron Gifts. With a removable lid and matching witches broom spoon, this soup bowl will become a customer favourite. Do not microwave. Dishwasher safe.  Dimensions: H14cm x W14cm x D11cm Complete the collection with our collection of Cauldrons
Spirit of equinox Adorable Cauldron Salt & Pepper Cruet Set
An adorable Cauldron Salt & Pepper Cruet Set is the perfect companion to our bestselling Witches Brew Cauldron Gifts. Made from Bone China and with a rubber bottom stopper to keep salt and pepper contained. Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: H6cm x W7cm x D5cm. Material: Bone China. Packaging: Picture Box Ideal Gift Idea for any witches fan.
Lisa Parker Black Witches Hat, Black Cat, Incense Burner by...
Black Witches Hat, Black Cat design incense cone burner. When the cone burns, the smoke rises from the top of the hat. Designed by Lisa Parker. Material: Resin. Product Dimensions: H:13cm X W:11.5cm X D:10.8cm Packaging: Coloured Picture Box.  Requires Incense Cones - Shop here
Spirit of equinox Halloween Witches Brew, Bats Wings Potion Drink Bottles
£9.99 £11.99
This metal water bottle makes a great, eco-friendly replacement for plastic and features a screw-top lid and convenient clip for taking on the go. These bottles are designed with a fun Halloween print and vintage-inspired 'Witches Brew' and Bat Wings Potion illustration that is truly bewitching. Bottle sizes: 500ml capacity per bottle. Material: Aluminium. Dimensions: H21cm x W6.5cm x D6.5cm. Packaging:  Boxed.

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